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The principles of our quality policy are to ensure the constant quality of the product by using natural resources responsibly, taking into account the customer’s needs. Flexibility and responsibility in ensuring continuous supply quality. We strive to meet customer’s expectations. Help customers solve problems and advise them on how to use the product. Since 2001, the company has implemented the quality management system ISO 9001. We constantly control and improve the quality management system, increase its efficiency and effectiveness. We organize our activities in compliance with the requirements of legal acts, EU standards and other regulatory documents. By exploiting natural resources – peat, we are well aware of our responsibility to the environment and society surrounding us. We are implementing a monitoring program in Rėkyva peatland, the intermediate results of which are used by the city of Šiauliai, solving topical problems of lake Rėkyva. The company organizes educational excursions at its peatlands for those who want to get acquainted with the responsible exploitation of natural resources: for children, teachers, others interested in peat extraction.