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Substrate for balcony flowers

SAULA peat substrate for balcony flowers is a neutralized peat- based product that contains everything necessary for plant growth and flowering. It is especially suitable for potted plants with sensitive roots as well as for those that have grown in the same pot many years.

Tips: to achieve the best results, moisten the substrate thoroughly before use. It is advisable to do it in the evening before replanting. Cool weather is the best for the replanting day. When planting or replanting houseplants, make a 2-3 cm drainage layer of expanded clay or pebbles at the bottom of the pot. Repot a plant into a larger container once a year. The used substrate is an ideal mean for improving the soil in your fruit or vegetable garden.

Component parts: peat moss (Sphagnum), H3-H7. Additives: limestone, fertilizer with trace elements, water absorption promotor.