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Substrate for sowing

SAULA peat substrate for sowing is a neutralized peat-based product that contains everything necessary for plant germination and growth. The peat substrate is intended for olericulture, floriculture, forestry, sowing of seeds, vegetative plant propagation, and the cultivation of plants sensitive to salt concentrations. The Special substrate production technology ensures optimal plant nutrition and root development. The fertilizers and trace elements are selected so that the plants can easily absorb them.

Tips: to achieve the best results, moisten the substrate thoroughly before use: it is advisable to do it in the evening before replanting. Cool weather is best for the replanting day. The substrate used is an ideal means for improving the soil in your fruit or vegetable garden.

Component parts: peat moss (Sphagnum), H3-H7. Additives: limestone, fertilizer with trace elements, water absorption promotor.